These dreams, they do haunt me so…

woke up dreaming about sharing a dream (actual) to a group of folks discussing a business idea that came to the owner in a dream; he was asking his team if they thought the product/business was viable and should he move forward with it. i relayed (without being asked, which is my norm) how i had had a dream about starting a company for skateboard(ers) to help select the right board for their weight/height and type of boarding they were going to do. this also included instruction on how to choose the right trucks and wheels for their boarding as well as placement of the trucks… and asking folks their opinion of the viability of such a business.


We’d taken a little excursion to a hotel I knew in my youth. I’d sketched its unique architecture often and imagined visits there. It was not in the best of shape but worth the time as the old town was in the midst of an art celebration. Enjoying good meals and visits to the local pub and planning our days over coffee in bed and all the while talking with each other as if we were fresh and new in our relationship. When I mentioned to the owners my sadness in seeing the hotel’s decline, the manager asked what business of it was mine and why was I there to begin with. I told them I saw it every day as a young kid and how my Dad would be surprised I was here at all because it was supposedly one of ‘those’ kind of establishments (but I found it not so). I was briefly dismayed families were being assigned adjoining rooms but remembered we were soon leaving for a walk to town where we’d planned to enjoy a tall parfait of ginger ice-cream and rich vanilla mouse.

Surprised myself

Wafting along in a googleEarth flight, I came upon the shoreline that starred in one of my long-time nightmares of tidle waves and escape – the same shoreline I first experienced being tossed head-over-keel by a wave as a small girl. google could not buffer me from that same gut-dropping feeling 50 years after the spill and 40 years after the first dream.

Freud slept here…?

When you dream of an Aspire (this one, not this one, and gold but with hard-top convertible) as your replacement vehicle when your truck finally dies… is that an omen?

SO on about a year or so ago, I found my self in a dreamscape of a coffeeshop/used kitchenware consignment kinda place… something to build a business on, I think!




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