from Psychology Today:


  1. What is the strangest, most bizarre part of this dream?
  2. Who are the characters, and how do you interact with them?
  3. What emotions appear in this dream, and when do they arise?
  4. What kind of reality is revealed to you in this dream?

There is no need to “interpret” the dream, in the sense of translating it into a rational, linear message. Simply ask these questions, and pay close attention to the thoughts, feelings, memories, and associations that come up.

If you do this with every dream you remember — or better yet, record it in a journal — you will build a vibrant, living bridge between your mind’s conscious and unconscious realms, and your flow of intuition will surely increase as a result.  “

3 Responses to Dreams

  1. goatgrl says:

    horse, deer, winter, mom and dad, florida or myrtle beach, studio, bruce
    -i think bruce and i were making spaghetti when i got a call from jen or rusty from florida or myrtle beach (warm,palms,atlantic ocean) to say mom and dad were doing fine. as i sat in my unlit studio for the call, i looked out on a dark but starlit snow-covered drive and watched as a deer traipsed down the drive and up into the neighbor’s side yard. as the conversation continued, an old dream world returned and the black stallion (which, myth or dream or real, jumped over me as I sat in a tipped-up wheelbarrow in the backyard of the family summer place) galloped down the drive as if chasing the deer. he came back, frosty breath and side glance to me through the studio window, and then back again.

  2. goatgrl says:


    woke up dreaming about sharing a dream (actual) to a group of folks discussing a business idea that came to the owner in a dream; he was asking his team if they thought the product/business was viable and should he move forward with it. i relayed (without being asked, which is my norm) how i had had a dream about starting a company for skateboard(ers) to help select the right board for their weight/height and type of boarding they were going to do. this also included instruction on how to choose the right trucks and wheels for their boarding as well as placement of the trucks… and asking folks their opinion of the viability of such a business.

  3. goatgrl says:

    And there I was again, at the ‘area of the headstones’, I call it in my dream; a steep and rocky mountainside, somewhat covered in snow, rich with rows of old brown cabins.

    I met Mom in one – a cheese and bakery shop. I was picking out plates to buy. Lovely rich colors, ovals and rounds. Mom, in her Norwegian Sweater, was helping with my plate choices.

    I then visited ‘the old ones’ I had visited before; high up on the mountain. Two men were sitting outside in the bright sunshine and snow. I took a seat and an old woman came out from this cabin to greet me. She apologized she had lost most of her teeth and I relayed ‘don’t worry – mine are coming out as well’.

    The old woman and I hugged tightly before I left. I began weeping in this great hug and exclaimed ‘You are the one who makes me cry!’

    I turned to see a small child dressed in a sweater suit of red and blue and, pointing to the child, exclaimed ‘look at the baby!’


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