‘Yumpin for Yoy!

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Wednesday 06/01/2022
1:15 PM – 5:15 PM

First of two old typewriters arriving! (One bought for memory, one born the year I was — feeling jiggly*!

*Jiggle is what you do to stuck keys to proceed with your thoughts. Yes, I do it in my brain as well!

Need a new keyboard lesson! 🙂

About goatgrl

Observer of detail, writer of lists, and archiver of accomplishments. ...yeah, so the gmail account.... decided on for many reasons which include constant misspelling of both my first and last names integrated with a nickname that relates to the translation of my last name in Norwegian (Ya, I'm 1st gen American) as relayed by my Dad: Vei=way, berg=small mountain. So, you have: "a way or path through the mountains such as a goat herder would take". So Bruce said: "so, i should just call you "goat girl" then. :)
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