How did we do that?

One of my sisters and I recreated an artwork grouping of painted mirrors as requested by the client.

We used nine 12″ square glass mirrors and ‘antiqued/aged’ the edges by lightly spraying black permanent paint onto them. Also used was a stick-on ‘chrome’ edging, meant for automobile decoration, as frames.

Then we attacked the image by first sketching-by-eyeballing the branches and then going over that with multiple colors of acrylic craft paint to coordinate with the client’s décor of chocolate brown, ‘metallic’ gold, white and black.

[Chocolate brown with black was good for the branch shadow. Adding this gold to brown with a smidge of black = bronze, the blossom color; the mix of this gold+white and a smidge of brown gives a highlighting caramel color.]

Enjoyable but exhausting 21+ hours… and the clients were very pleased 🙂

I am happy to share links to the products if you make the request. There are too numerous YouTubes watched for this to list – do a search.


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Observer of detail, writer of lists, and archiver of accomplishments. ...yeah, so the gmail account.... decided on for many reasons which include constant misspelling of both my first and last names integrated with a nickname that relates to the translation of my last name in Norwegian (Ya, I'm 1st gen American) as relayed by my Dad: Vei=way, berg=small mountain. So, you have: "a way or path through the mountains such as a goat herder would take". So Bruce said: "so, i should just call you "goat girl" then. :)
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