Preparing more Up-cycling

Up-cycling a IBMA City of Raleigh event banner for a Noodle Floaty to use in Lake Wylie next weekend!! (I have a hole in my left ear drum and need to get it checked out before I can dive in again…)

This was the most fun I’ve had with Up-cycling to date! I do wonder though, if the South Carolina Lake will take offense at a NORTHERN state’s banner…??? LOL!

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Anyone for pink?

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month — in two weeks I will be the proud owner of this kinda faded but super pink feather flag…. anyone in need of a headscarf? #beautifulOctoberSky #Erik Bohorquez

Pink is for Breast Cancer awareness
#pink #breastcancerawareness #usefulreuse
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Cinch bag for your helmet, lunch, a couple of puppies…?

I decided to avail myself of some time at the Centenial campus to help celebrate HQ Raleigh’s newest space:

Woah — love it! Well priced, too!

I ran into one hurdle I must overcome: “All members must be currently enrolled, degree-seeking NC State students “

So, combined with my AS from a terminal program that is now considered a bridge to a BA…. I’m gonna have to check into this….

NCSU connections: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flikr

Oh, also had to try a bite from Two Roosters’ ice cream trailer — yum. bourbon coffee!

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I’m at it again

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Order up!

So, thanks to the pillow covers I sewed for Lianie, I remembered I bought a new down-ish pillow that had a nice cover to it. I also had a request to make a badge holder, and so the inspecting, measuring and planning commenced.

 Look! An Up-Cycle-able zipper came along for the ride!

The first thing I did was cut off the zipper so I could up-cycle it…

Then, I snipped of just what was needed towards the carrying strap (lucky me! I did not have to make bias tape!! 🙂

Squidging, this is… most often takes the assistance of the cat feeder.

I am truly not a fan of using tissue to help the sewing go smoothly on vinyl… my choice is to tape the bottom of the foot or use grocery bags to enable the slippage.

Well the glue here is wet, but this little pouch (with a hidden charge-card pocket) will keep it allllll dry!

(might even add a tiny zipper to the back or side of the next one… weeee!)

a little rough but definately tough!
Rough but definitely tough!

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How to sew

stay tuned… more Up-cycling is fixin’ to commence.

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Pillows for Posture — Thank you for choosing me to create your pillow covers, Lianie!

Pillows for posture

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