Sample in process

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Always seeking, always finding

Taking a tour around the ol’computer files always yields jewels…

This is a write-up on the material cost to up-fit Mr. Peacock to a hangable frame. He was initially designed for an outdoor trellis…

Material Costing – just can’t help it

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This just came to me (as I passed yet another one of these…)

#nodecals #realart

(c) Greetings by

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Pieces and parts can puzzle

A bit more challenging than matching stripes or motif placement on clothing, it turns out, but I could do it all day long! Satisfies the maths side as well as the design side🙃

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Watch this space

coming up….

Earth Fabric Up-Cycling Sewist Raleigh NC 9198488938

Newest add-on to the Earth Fabric offerings!

A top

Frill Hem Top
Greenie Dresses 4 Less

An upcycled top

Oxford Remake

2 upcycled tops

Beach Blend

A dress

Crazy Pink with Sprinkles on top (a.k.a. 2 Late 4 Love Dolman(over)

  [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]
A sun hat An upcycled sunhat A beach dress


  [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]


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And the little vinyl bits will begin


It fits the bill!

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The other weekend project is undetermined

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