How did we do that?

One of my sisters and I recreated an artwork grouping of painted mirrors as requested by the client.

We used nine 12″ square glass mirrors and ‘antiqued/aged’ the edges by lightly spraying black permanent paint onto them. Also used was a stick-on ‘chrome’ edging, meant for automobile decoration, as frames.

Then we attacked the image by first sketching-by-eyeballing the branches and then going over that with multiple colors of acrylic craft paint to coordinate with the client’s décor of chocolate brown, ‘metallic’ gold, white and black.

[Chocolate brown with black was good for the branch shadow. Adding this gold to brown with a smidge of black = bronze, the blossom color; the mix of this gold+white and a smidge of brown gives a highlighting caramel color.]

Enjoyable but exhausting 21+ hours… and the clients were very pleased 🙂

I am happy to share links to the products if you make the request. There are too numerous YouTubes watched for this to list – do a search.

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‘Yumpin for Yoy!

Your package is arriving tomorrow.
Get notifications for UPS packages coming to you.  
Scheduled Delivery
Wednesday 06/01/2022
1:15 PM – 5:15 PM

First of two old typewriters arriving! (One bought for memory, one born the year I was — feeling jiggly*!

*Jiggle is what you do to stuck keys to proceed with your thoughts. Yes, I do it in my brain as well!

Need a new keyboard lesson! 🙂

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(And to the 5-day challenge for a truly wonderful teacher and artist…)

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New Old Joys

Picked this up yesterday:

La Perle, circa 1920

She was imported from Rimes, France over 45 years ago in 1970’s. A beautiful piece that is probably 100 years old. The woman I bought it from sewed on it as well as her mother and grandmother — I’m so in love! There is a little damage on the top area but can be fixed.

Water Damage on the top of the case – repairable

Remind me to do this again next time I want to monogram:

Machine magnet and metal ruler

And am trying a new thing which I thought about since meeting Mia (whom I cannot locate…):

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No Process, just purring


No process, just purring

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This dream kept me in bed until 11am today…

or, was it the nice warm blanket?

I was hosting the cousins and sisters and Mom and Dad in my 1930’s home. I had intended to cook dinner for everyone and after changing out the bathroom faucet, althewhile wearing a flouncy moo moo (I have EWN’s on my mind to finish) and tiara.

Moo Moo Dress with simple tiara

Rusty, in her matching moo moo with wrists wrapped in peridot, finished the faucet install. Dad didn’t feel I could do it.

Then I adjusted my Norwegian Sunset tiara, and went in to dinner

18 Ways to Make a DIY Crown or Tiara | Creative Green Living

wearing my articulated choker reminiscent of Mom’s now in posession of Amy Johanna.

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Safe harbor

“Jesus.. says, ‘Let go of your complaints, forgive those who loved your poorly, step over your feelings of being rejected, and have the courage to trust that you won’t fall into an abyss of nothingness but into the safe embrace of a God whose love will heal all your wounds.

-Henri Nouwen

-for years I had tremendously wrenchingly fearsome dreams of tidal waves and having to save my children. The above quote answers my quest for the solution to those fearful dreams. As I aged, the dreams happened less often; now, not at all.

Normally, tenaciously, I swim in deep water – the last time we enjoyed the lake, as the current was stronger than usual, my daughter told her husband to tie my life preserver to the boat as I was drifting under the bow. I paddled my way out a bit and just floated – loving the love of my family and the feeling of floating, letting go of control; the clouds and sky were stunning. One fluffy bit was shaped by the air currents into a set of wings to which I focused my list of blessings.

This boat is where I can ‘send’ people and things I struggle with to be ‘handled by Jesus, so I can just float and admire God’s work around me.

My sister ads…

“After reading your fb post, the Lord reminded me about Ephesians chapter 6. This is where Paul teaches us how to use the truths God has given us to keep our faith strong when the enemy tries to discourage us💕 Good lessons from Paul who went through attacks in his faith his whole life.”

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Photocopying is satisfying

I broadened my style -again- and when this boat caught my eye I knew it would be “Faith” – a place to hold whomever or whatever I am struggling with, to give it up to Jesus to handle 🙂

Faith (c) 2021
a Photocopy painting of Ethan Harper‘s “Reflected Horizon II”;
Acrylic on used canvas (will correct my reflections when I “go back into the water ;)”
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All the tools out to play !

New sling chair covers for a client —how are yours holding up this Summer?

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pinnefore and t-shirt for summer
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First sketch

Bruce a la David Hockney

Nora came by to help me with the sketch:). Now to turn him into a Hockney painting.

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Phase 3 – Come join me!

Working to clear the last of my 2020 TO DO LIST…

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Rivers run, oceans swell

Rivers run, #HOPE swell(s)

Seems this HOPE (Left Image) evolves – i used photoshop to test where to lay in the schparkles, borrowed from the other pic here:

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New photo, new title

Finally completed Bruce's gift - went several rounds with photos of calming seascape images and once landed on
Best photo yet… new title : “Hope” … Karen Hale inspiration

Just to add the silver horizon line as requested by Bruce… and we can ‘hang it up to dry’!

and THEN, I had to dress it up with gold… “Hope” it isn’t trashed… 😦

“Hope” all dressed up
Where it came from; home made Gesso with texture
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In the beginning…

It has taken me some time to get here – issues – but now i’m on a roll.

VIEW the sewing process!

Up-cycled skirt fabric for use as purse lining
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Preparing more Up-cycling

Up-cycling a IBMA City of Raleigh event banner for a Noodle Floaty to use in Lake Wylie next weekend!! (I have a hole in my left ear drum and need to get it checked out before I can dive in again…)

This was the most fun I’ve had with Up-cycling to date! I do wonder though, if the South Carolina Lake will take offense at a NORTHERN state’s banner…??? LOL!

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And God Speaks in Light

Have you ever been dazzled?

I was granted the view of a fantastic swarm of lights in one of the neighbor’s darkened pine trees as I passed by a window on the way to bed the other night— I will not soon forget how the sight caught and uplifted me.

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No Regrets

No Regrets – photo taken at Nephew’s wedding

This is an over-exposed picture of a photo taken by my sister at her son’s wedding.

If I get it better adjusted, I will replace this one…. oh, I used gloss medium on the marsh water and I think that it is blowing the exposure.

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Shaking my style slump

Meet: Exploding Lake 🙂

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Gildeskål impression



(image borrowed from the municipality website)

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-got an oar?

(Yes, blame everyone except yourself!)

Gildeskål from website photo – maybe

Several mistakes in this painting but need to keep going. Seriously need to replace my paints!

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