In the beginning…

It has taken me some time to get here – issues – but now i’m on a roll.

VIEW the sewing process!

Up-cycled skirt fabric for use as purse lining
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Preparing more Up-cycling

Up-cycling a IBMA City of Raleigh event banner for a Noodle Floaty to use in Lake Wylie next weekend!! (I have a hole in my left ear drum and need to get it checked out before I can dive in again…)

This was the most fun I’ve had with Up-cycling to date! I do wonder though, if the South Carolina Lake will take offense at a NORTHERN state’s banner…??? LOL!

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New photo, new title

Finally completed Bruce's gift - went several rounds with photos of calming seascape images and once landed on
Best photo yet… new title : “Hope” … Karen Hale inspiration

Just to add the silver horizon line as requested by Bruce… and we can ‘hang it up to dry’!

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Facemasktaskingdag 4-3-2020

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I’m not a cloud person but I’m trying

Quarantine vacation 2020
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#corona don’t get me…

I have so many projects ahead – I always yield to paying customers, but I have two projects at hand that have been on the middle burner a while – Bruce’s painting (I was initially stumped because I am overly tired of seascapes and clouds with Disney colors, had a hard time working through that, but hey – to each his own! Also beginning the #RockyPointHistoryMystery gallery wall (the mirror will allow you to #putyourselfonthewall too!! 🙂

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Writing on the shortest day of the year

I am glad to greet the shortest day of 2019.

Things lost this month:

  • A very fine fellow: my nephew, Arthur.
  • A very fine art tool: right 1/3 of my 1st digit on the left hand – I think my ‘assessor of all’ brain keeps looking for it.
  • A very fine job.

Things gained this month:

  • A very fine reestablished belief in ‘Everything happens for a reason’
  • A very fine reestablishment of my belief in myself to keep rowing, in the Viking sense – and the blessing of new connections and a new role after the new year as Sales Coordinator for a Franchise Consultant for a few hours a week.
  • A very fine reestablishment in remembering I do not have the woes of the world on my shoulders – its just me here, and I can get out of my own way  

Merry Christmas
God Jul


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A few words to the new videographers/selfie-videographers

Before touching the ON button, read these few words to make a decent video

  • storyboard
  • make sure story matches title
  • gather needed props and products
  • check that lighting
  • don’t leave the viewer
  • give a clear call to action
  • be declarative
  • smile
Ring lights

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Made a goal and succeeded!

… here i am standing between my sweet , kind, generous , helpful , organizing , cheering and smiling sister, Nora, and “Mz Thang” the wire dress-form and prop “extraordinaire”- all baggy and all. I sold  $65 (at least 1/2 to family <3)!  What I learned… don’t cut vinyl patterns when you are tired ! I also learned zipper pouches  and coin/gift card snap wallets are the most popular of what I prepared. (what you cannot see is my sock wrapped hand with a bit of a digit missing !)

Ka-Pow Backpack

This was a fun and challenging product to design and create. I will be making one more for a lady who has an autistic grandson ❤

[Up-Cycled Event Banner from the Town of Cary Parks and Rec department.]

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