Phase 3 – Come join me!

Working to clear the last of my 2020 TO DO LIST…

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Rivers run, oceans swell

Rivers run, #HOPE swell(s)

Seems this HOPE (Left Image) evolves – i used photoshop to test where to lay in the schparkles, borrowed from the other pic here:

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New photo, new title

Finally completed Bruce's gift - went several rounds with photos of calming seascape images and once landed on
Best photo yet… new title : “Hope” … Karen Hale inspiration

Just to add the silver horizon line as requested by Bruce… and we can ‘hang it up to dry’!

and THEN, I had to dress it up with gold… “Hope” it isn’t trashed… 😦

“Hope” all dressed up
Where it came from; home made Gesso with texture
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In the beginning…

It has taken me some time to get here – issues – but now i’m on a roll.

VIEW the sewing process!

Up-cycled skirt fabric for use as purse lining
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Preparing more Up-cycling

Up-cycling a IBMA City of Raleigh event banner for a Noodle Floaty to use in Lake Wylie next weekend!! (I have a hole in my left ear drum and need to get it checked out before I can dive in again…)

This was the most fun I’ve had with Up-cycling to date! I do wonder though, if the South Carolina Lake will take offense at a NORTHERN state’s banner…??? LOL!

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Do I need a cape?

Happy to announce Earth Fabric is now SERGING into the future!!!

Brother (c) Serger
The final piece is now in place (the backseat)!

After agreeing to stop adding to my studio (stained glass, beading, painting, and sewing) I ran across a FB ad for a serger, and my sense of ‘personal entitlement*’ gave me a nudge. 🙂

*Currently reading “BIG MAGIC: CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR” by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”)

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Facemasktaskingdag 4-3-2020

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I’m not a cloud person but I’m trying

Quarantine vacation 2020
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#corona don’t get me…

I have so many projects ahead – I always yield to paying customers, but I have two projects at hand that have been on the middle burner a while – Bruce’s painting (I was initially stumped because I am overly tired of seascapes and clouds with Disney colors, had a hard time working through that, but hey – to each his own! Also beginning the #RockyPointHistoryMystery gallery wall (the mirror will allow you to #putyourselfonthewall too!! 🙂

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Writing on the shortest day of the year

I am glad to greet the shortest day of 2019.

Things lost this month:

  • A very fine fellow: my nephew, Arthur.
  • A very fine art tool: right 1/3 of my 1st digit on the left hand – I think my ‘assessor of all’ brain keeps looking for it.
  • A very fine job.

Things gained this month:

  • A very fine reestablished belief in ‘Everything happens for a reason’
  • A very fine reestablishment of my belief in myself to keep rowing, in the Viking sense – and the blessing of new connections and a new role after the new year as Sales Coordinator for a Franchise Consultant for a few hours a week.
  • A very fine reestablishment in remembering I do not have the woes of the world on my shoulders – its just me here, and I can get out of my own way  

Merry Christmas
God Jul


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A few words to the new videographers/selfie-videographers

Before touching the ON button, read these few words to make a decent video

  • storyboard
  • make sure story matches title
  • gather needed props and products
  • check that lighting
  • don’t leave the viewer
  • give a clear call to action
  • be declarative
  • smile
Ring lights

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Made a goal and succeeded!

… here i am standing between my sweet , kind, generous , helpful , organizing , cheering and smiling sister, Nora, and “Mz Thang” the wire dress-form and prop “extraordinaire”- all baggy and all. I sold  $65 (at least 1/2 to family <3)!  What I learned… don’t cut vinyl patterns when you are tired ! I also learned zipper pouches  and coin/gift card snap wallets are the most popular of what I prepared. (what you cannot see is my sock wrapped hand with a bit of a digit missing !)

Ka-Pow Backpack

This was a fun and challenging product to design and create. I will be making one more for a lady who has an autistic grandson ❤

[Up-Cycled Event Banner from the Town of Cary Parks and Rec department.]

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