Next Project


This pondering came about from an email invitation from the City of Raleigh to  Fwd: Apply for the New Impact Partner Grant, which I received just before reading the article Fwd: One Woman’s Journey on Dr. Bria White… and all that was a day AFTER writing the following in my notebook as I was thinking what do I really want to do… and telling myself I had no one to talk things out with now that Dad was gone. I have also been praying about things, thanking Jesus at every chance, speaking with my spiritual guides (Sisters, strangers – you know how you just ‘connect’ sometimes? daily readings…)

The Wish
A wish answered? I wrote down who I’d need to contact with the hope I would obtain a tiny street-front space in which to sew my banner products, teach sewing, and mentor youth entrepreneurs.

And Blessings

I do feel I have received blessings – some beyond belief- drop into my lap or run across the path I am constructing. I do question though, is this a blessing or the result of me being more open to finding opportunity, new acquaintances, continually remodeling my business model of 10+ years -but not into the monster it feels like at times; and dreaming of moving to the beach to repair boat and golf cart canvas, etc.  I have been told – even by the receptionist at the Dr’s office – to just accept the gift’ and stop questioning. Did I strengthen the receptive muscle with a marketing vitamin (CCCC, Dr. Wilen)?

I am working a project template to help me solidify the storefront idea… stay with me.


Took forever to come up with this design for Ailey’s 4th sculpture (Four Calling Birds) but here it it!!

this one has to do until i find the wind chime set….photo

(Hope to start on the birds after the pleated-pocket egg gathering apron commissions – and painting the hallway)

pocketed egg apron

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