Always seeking, always finding

Taking a tour around the ol’computer files always yields jewels…

This is a write-up on the material cost to up-fit Mr. Peacock to a hangable frame. He was initially designed for an outdoor trellis…

Material Costing – just can’t help it

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This just came to me (as I passed yet another one of these…)

#nodecals #realart

(c) Greetings by

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Pieces and parts can puzzle

A bit more challenging than matching stripes or motif placement on clothing, it turns out, but I could do it all day long! Satisfies the maths side as well as the design side🙃

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Watch this space

coming up….

Earth Fabric Up-Cycling Sewist Raleigh NC 9198488938

Newest add-on to the Earth Fabric offerings!

A top

Frill Hem Top
Greenie Dresses 4 Less

An upcycled top

Oxford Remake

2 upcycled tops

Beach Blend

A dress

Crazy Pink with Sprinkles on top (a.k.a. 2 Late 4 Love Dolman(over)

  [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]
A sun hat An upcycled sunhat A beach dress


  [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]   [picture here]


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And the little vinyl bits will begin


It fits the bill!

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The other weekend project is undetermined

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Vinyl banner recycling: concert in the park series

I answered an ad about a company looking for sewing help to recycle vinyl banners print for venues. The idea is that the venues (ballpark, museum, etc) will be able to sell the products made from the banners in their gift shops. This is going to be a great adventure and partnership!!

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