This dream kept me in bed until 11am today…

or, was it the nice warm blanket?

I was hosting the cousins and sisters and Mom and Dad in my 1930’s home. I had intended to cook dinner for everyone and after changing out the bathroom faucet, althewhile wearing a flouncy moo moo (I have EWN’s on my mind to finish) and tiara.

Moo Moo Dress with simple tiara

Rusty, in her matching moo moo with wrists wrapped in peridot, finished the faucet install. Dad didn’t feel I could do it.

Then I adjusted my Norwegian Sunset tiara, and went in to dinner

18 Ways to Make a DIY Crown or Tiara | Creative Green Living

wearing my articulated choker reminiscent of Mom’s now in posession of Amy Johanna.

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Safe harbor

“Jesus.. says, ‘Let go of your complaints, forgive those who loved your poorly, step over your feelings of being rejected, and have the courage to trust that you won’t fall into an abyss of nothingness but into the safe embrace of a God whose love will heal all your wounds.

-Henri Nouwen

-for years I had tremendously wrenchingly fearsome dreams of tidal waves and having to save my children. The above quote answers my quest for the solution to those fearful dreams. As I aged, the dreams happened less often; now, not at all.

Normally, tenaciously, I swim in deep water – the last time we enjoyed the lake, as the current was stronger than usual, my daughter told her husband to tie my life preserver to the boat as I was drifting under the bow. I paddled my way out a bit and just floated – loving the love of my family and the feeling of floating, letting go of control; the clouds and sky were stunning. One fluffy bit was shaped by the air currents into a set of wings to which I focused my list of blessings.

This boat is where I can ‘send’ people and things I struggle with to be ‘handled by Jesus, so I can just float and admire God’s work around me.

My sister ads…

“After reading your fb post, the Lord reminded me about Ephesians chapter 6. This is where Paul teaches us how to use the truths God has given us to keep our faith strong when the enemy tries to discourage us💕 Good lessons from Paul who went through attacks in his faith his whole life.”

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Photocopying is satisfying

I broadened my style -again- and when this boat caught my eye I knew it would be “Faith” – a place to hold whomever or whatever I am struggling with, to give it up to Jesus to handle 🙂

Faith (c) 2021
a Photocopy painting of Ethan Harper‘s “Reflected Horizon II”;
Acrylic on used canvas (will correct my reflections when I “go back into the water ;)”
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All the tools out to play !

New sling chair covers for a client —how are yours holding up this Summer?

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pinnefore and t-shirt for summer
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First sketch

Bruce a la David Hockney

Nora came by to help me with the sketch:). Now to turn him into a Hockney painting.

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Learning and journeying

Taking a class – this is gonna be cute!

working with new pen and old paint – a story begins with Bartlet the pear and his buddy Buster the balloon

Captured an image of the above painting in a movie… it was soo familiar, I am inspired to move forward with this!

Fini – just awaiting the frame to come in.

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An enormous dream

This dream started with Nora and I both needing heart procedures so they moved us to apartments to pre-event quaranteen.
We then discovered my apartment had no washer-drier and Nora’s (with w/d) had two bedrooms, so I moved over there. They both had balconies with sunshine.
As I had been looking at antique lamps, I suppose, we went to Grama and Grampa’s townhouse in Brooklyn to see what we could find. I discovered the bottom two steps of the upstairs staircase had hinges, and when opened, I saw it was an empty storage spot. I suppose that went along with my reviewing my stuff and stashes to clear out and make room…?
Looking into that void, to it’s end, lead me to being accepted, again, at the SOD, lead by Jim H, current SODesign President (from Kennemetal). He gave me the assignment of creating a flagging tool that would pop up and, by it’s height, display the windspeed. I worked with two metal engineers to get the design just right, traveled to a tropical locale to test it (attached to the airplane), impressed the heck out of Jim who advanced me to graduate degree on the spot.

I can’t help it… these are my dreams and my ever updating mind. I think I am not drinking enough…

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Do I need a cape?

Happy to announce Earth Fabric is now SERGING into the future!!!

Brother (c) Serger
The final piece is now in place (the backseat)!

After agreeing to stop adding to my studio (stained glass, beading, painting, and sewing) I ran across a FB ad for a serger, and my sense of ‘personal entitlement*’ gave me a nudge. 🙂

*Currently reading “BIG MAGIC: CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR” by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”)

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Phase 3 – Come join me!

Working to clear the last of my 2020 TO DO LIST…

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