Clean up on aisle one!

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Smooth, baby

Now the soldering can begin

#EVY #repair #studiofun

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She likes it-She likes it!!

Thank you, Lainie, for becoming a fan!

and done…

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Early morning layer chasing

Built this one in the fuzz from the dryer — needed to check values and volumes…and clean out the dryer vent.

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The sheep’s ride again

I’m going to be jazzing out and painting up Mrs. Lainie’s Sheep in the studio today…so I hope the sheep like Jazz…

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Commissions commence always with REORG

Back to the fold…?

I purchased a fabric cutting mat online via NextDoor Neighborhood from  Ms. Lainie I left my card with the check and she explored my EarthFabric website as expected.

She fell in love with my Norske Sheeps painting and offered to buy it. After discussion, she and I agreed I should paint her an original of her own as a gift to her husband *.

Thank you, Lainie!  Here we go!

Lainie’s Sheeps begin
Lainie’s Sheeps begin
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Pocketing -NCAC Yoga Bag!

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