Safe harbor

“Jesus.. says, ‘Let go of your complaints, forgive those who loved your poorly, step over your feelings of being rejected, and have the courage to trust that you won’t fall into an abyss of nothingness but into the safe embrace of a God whose love will heal all your wounds.

-Henri Nouwen

-for years I had tremendously wrenchingly fearsome dreams of tidal waves and having to save my children. The above quote answers my quest for the solution to those fearful dreams. As I aged, the dreams happened less often; now, not at all.

Normally, tenaciously, I swim in deep water – the last time we enjoyed the lake, as the current was stronger than usual, my daughter told her husband to tie my life preserver to the boat as I was drifting under the bow. I paddled my way out a bit and just floated – loving the love of my family and the feeling of floating, letting go of control; the clouds and sky were stunning. One fluffy bit was shaped by the air currents into a set of wings to which I focused my list of blessings.

This boat is where I can ‘send’ people and things I struggle with to be ‘handled by Jesus, so I can just float and admire God’s work around me.

My sister ads…

“After reading your fb post, the Lord reminded me about Ephesians chapter 6. This is where Paul teaches us how to use the truths God has given us to keep our faith strong when the enemy tries to discourage us💕 Good lessons from Paul who went through attacks in his faith his whole life.”

About goatgrl

Observer of detail, writer of lists, and archiver of accomplishments. ...yeah, so the gmail account.... decided on for many reasons which include constant misspelling of both my first and last names integrated with a nickname that relates to the translation of my last name in Norwegian (Ya, I'm 1st gen American) as relayed by my Dad: Vei=way, berg=small mountain. So, you have: "a way or path through the mountains such as a goat herder would take". So Bruce said: "so, i should just call you "goat girl" then. :)
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