An enormous dream

This dream started with Nora and I both needing heart procedures so they moved us to apartments to pre-event quaranteen.
We then discovered my apartment had no washer-drier and Nora’s (with w/d) had two bedrooms, so I moved over there. They both had balconies with sunshine.
As I had been looking at antique lamps, I suppose, we went to Grama and Grampa’s townhouse in Brooklyn to see what we could find. I discovered the bottom two steps of the upstairs staircase had hinges, and when opened, I saw it was an empty storage spot. I suppose that went along with my reviewing my stuff and stashes to clear out and make room…?
Looking into that void, to it’s end, lead me to being accepted, again, at the SOD, lead by Jim H, current SODesign President (from Kennemetal). He gave me the assignment of creating a flagging tool that would pop up and, by it’s height, display the windspeed. I worked with two metal engineers to get the design just right, traveled to a tropical locale to test it (attached to the airplane), impressed the heck out of Jim who advanced me to graduate degree on the spot.

I can’t help it… these are my dreams and my ever updating mind. I think I am not drinking enough…

About goatgrl

Observer of detail, writer of lists, and archiver of accomplishments. ...yeah, so the gmail account.... decided on for many reasons which include constant misspelling of both my first and last names integrated with a nickname that relates to the translation of my last name in Norwegian (Ya, I'm 1st gen American) as relayed by my Dad: Vei=way, berg=small mountain. So, you have: "a way or path through the mountains such as a goat herder would take". So Bruce said: "so, i should just call you "goat girl" then. :)
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